Machane Lev was established in 2017 by Canadian Young Judaea as a place for young LGBTQ+ Jews to be their most authentic selves.


Our Mission


Machane Lev furthers our commitment to providing an immersive Jewish experience to all members of Canada’s Jewish Community. While our existing CYJ summer camp network will continue to open its doors to any and all Jewish Campers, we know that the addition of Machane Lev will provide an open space for the affirmation and celebration of all sexual identities, gender identities, and gender expressions in a pluralistic Jewish setting.

Hadracha Program

Canadian Young Judaea prides itself on our leadership, or hadracha, training. Our camps seek to create the leaders of tomorrow. Machane Lev will be no exception, our teens in grades 8 and 9 will have the same leadership development through the LGBTQ+ lens. Our campers will engage in discussion, and personal growth, all while becoming future leaders for the LGBTQ+ community. The Hadracha program is for anyone looking to gain valuable leadership training, while promoting and affirming LGBTQ+ identities. 

Manhigim (Counselor)

Machane Lev’s Junior Manhigim (Counselor) program is designed to give participants in grades 10 and 11 a foot in the door of what it is like to be a counselor. The program will train the participants valuable skills to become future madrichim, while becoming role models for our campers. Participants can expect a fully immersive and hands on experience, while still getting to enjoy the programming of Machane Lev.

Wonderful experience for my child. We got such a wonderful feeling from the leadership and staff of a real commitment and dedication to the kids. What an amazing opportunity for these kids to be in such a safe, supportive and welcoming environment and have the experience of a Jewish summer camp which they might not have had otherwise . Yasher Koach!
— Anonymous, Summer 2018

What We've Achieved

  • Providing a safe and loving environment for 25 campers in our first year.

  • Working with the top educators and staff.

  • Providing our Manhigim (Leaders in Training) with premier leadership training.

  • etc.

Media Coverage

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